Writing culture – a timeless value

In today’s digital and fast-paced world, we are increasingly forgetting and unlearning to appreciate the analog, the timeless and to take time for our individual development. Since time immemorial, writing has been a valuable and versatile means of self-development. It helps us capture complex, sometimes disorganized thoughts and process them at our own pace. Also, unlike other forms of communication, such as dialogues, writing is not tied to other people, their schedules, and their interpretations. Rather, writing creates its own space for unfolding and discovering the self. Through writing, we have a safe place where inner processes can reach the outside world according to our imagination. 

Writing, then, is a unique and highly personal means of self-expression and has yet to find its time, especially in our keyboard-filled daily lives.


Our blog about writing

In this blog we offer writing enthusiasts and interested people a place where knowledge about the gigantic world of writing, writing culture and handwriting in general can be shared and thus enrich the everyday life of all writers. Rediscoverers of the writing world should have a source of information and a discovery space for writing, handwriting, writing instruments, inks and writing culture. At the same time, advanced and expert writers can learn about brands, innovations and the latest in the writing world. Themes include brands, their values and histories; writing instruments and what they are best suited for; inks, their variety and infinite colors; and writing itself, calligraphy and the everyday.

So our blog has something to offer for all friends of writing (and those who would like to become one).